tiistai 2. huhtikuuta 2013

Jossain ohjelmassa olin

Once again it has been way too long time since my last post, I just pretend to be too busy to have time for blogging. :/ I made tumblr some time a go to try if I have more time for that, not really but here it is anyway lumettavain.tumblr.com
Now to the actual post, here's one of the reasons why I have been so occupied lately..
Finnish internet tv show Neo asked me and my friends Jenni and Laura to be their quests at the show!

Before they started shooting we had a lots of fun (but the actual interview part was horrible, we were so nervous!)

Laura and jenni both had super cute outfits! <3 hehee, I'm so proud of Lauras hair, she asked me to help with it and suprisingly I actually managed to do something with it! :D

The lottery studio was our dressing room! Had to take a pic of Emma winning some yens from lotto. :P

She is also a member of black metal band. ;D

My outfit: dress and bonnet are from Cloudberry Lady shoes are made by Emma (also for Cloudberry Lady) and blouse is vintage.

And here is the show as horrible it is. Yle Neo