sunnuntai 30. joulukuuta 2012

Time to catch up!

It has been for ever since I had time to make a proper post in here! So much has happened and there are tons of things to post. I was planning to post about each event separately but they just piled up and I think I would never be able to catch up if I do it like that... so instead here's a one giant photo post of nearly all of the (lolita related) events and happenings that I have taken part since last summer.

Animal ear themed meet-up in Tampere

Last summer Elina organized an animal ear themed meet-up and since I hadn't seen the girls from Tampere for a long time I decided to go. It was a pit rainy day but we sat under a huge tree and it was enough to protect us from the rain. :) Actually I went there with my youngest sister who was visiting me at the time so I couldn't stay there that long, however I was really happy to be able to meet everyone again! <3
I don't have a group pic and I'm not sure if the girls want to be featured here so I'm not sharing pics of everyone, just few I know who won't mind it.

Here are our sweet lolita cuties! Laura as a bunny, Veera with bear ears and  Elina in a kitty themed outfit.

Suddenly they realized a huge wolf lurking  behind them!  :3

I went out of my comfort zone and tried a punk loli outfit with bat wings as my animal ear headpiece.

I took a pair of old combat boots and spray painted them pink with couple cute bats at the side. ^^

Animecon 2012 and Cloudberry Teaparty II

This year animecon was held in Kuopio and my dear friend Yoshh was one of the organizers. Because of her request I modelled at the Enfant terribles lolita fashion show and were one of the panelists at the lolita panel to present the indie brands side. I only were at the convention at the day of the lolita program since on the other day I was super busy arranging the Clouderry teaparty II, it would have totally impossible to make it such a great event without the help of my amazing friends. Thank you all so much for always being there for me! <3

I decided to go with a super colourful matrioshka-themed outfit

Group pic!

All of us had a doll theme for our outfits. ^^

Me and Laura and the stalkerman.

Laura and Jousia modelled at the fashion show held at the Cloudberry Teaparty II. Don't they look summery!
Yoshh was also one of the models and she looks so gorgeous here! I just love gothic with super blond hair!
Kati modelled too and also won a nail polish at bingo!

Elina was one of the guests, her gothic style never fails to impress me!
Natsu and Mimi shopping.
And here's my outfit with Cloudberry Lady skirt. The event was at the car museum cafe! <3

And finally the group pic! <3

Laura's birthday party and Christmas fairs

Laura held a lolita birthday party with a gambling theme few weeks a go. She's born just few days before Christmas! 

Here's the group shot! Thanks to Yoshh for the pic!
I gift to Laura was this apron I made. She seemed to like it. :)
The next  day I went to the Ofelia Market, the alternative fashion fair I made a post earlier. The theme was the day of the dead, so I went with a really colourful outfit. :3

Me and Heidi chatting behind the selling stand I shared with  Gréme de la garderobe.
Photogredits to the MadTeaparty.<3

Next weekend there was a Christmas fair at Tampere at the Särkänniemi amusement park. I kind of forgot to take photos there but here's my friends selling stand and my outfit on the first day, completely forgot to take pic of the second one. :<

Do you like my new hairstyle?
Hope you had a very merry Christmas and wish you all an eventful New Year! <3

tiistai 4. joulukuuta 2012

Ofelia Market tulee taas!

Tänä sunnuntaina 9.12.-12 Ofelia Market on jälleen Helsingissä!

Tällä kertaa tapahtuma on yksi päiväinen, mutta ohjelmaa on senkin edestä: muotinäytöksiä on peräti kolme kappaletta ja muutakin mielenkiintoista on lavalle luvassa. :3 Aiemmista tapahtumista poiketen sisäänpääsykin on ilmainen, joten tätä hauskaa myyjäystapahtumaa ei kannata jättää välistä!

Ofelia Market, the alternative style fair is here again! This is great opportunity to get the unique Christmas gifts for your friends (and for your self) and there's going to be a lots of program and fashion shows, so even if you are on a budget you'll surely have a great day!

torstai 29. marraskuuta 2012

Souvenirs from japan

My dear friend Emma came back from Japan some time a go. She said she saw so many things that reminded her of me that she accidentally bought too many souvenirs for me. Lucky me! :D
This is what she got for me
Cute macaron shaped candles.

A shopping bag

A thimble set, she bought this set for her self last time she went to Japan. It proved to be really handy so I requested her to bring one for me too.^^

Warm pants! They seemed to be super small (compare them to my hand!) but miracuously they did fit! :D


sunnuntai 11. marraskuuta 2012

Haasteellinen läpsy


Aina yhtä ihastuttava Hajamiel laittoi mulle tällaisen awardin monta aikaa sitten mutta vasta nyt sain aikaiseksi mukana tulleisiin kysymyksiin tarttua. Kiitoksia vain Hajanen! :)

The always charming Hajamiel gave me this award a long long time a go and now, finally, I've got time to answer the questions that came a long.

1 What's behind you?
 I always lay on my bed when I'm at the computer so there's not much behind me.. just a wall with couple of my sisters lovely paintings on it (and probably some ghosts).

2 Do you remember what was on your dream last night?
I normally remember something of my dreams but this time I don't have a clue, though I'm pretty sure I dreamt last night. Maybe it's because I slept so poorly last night; a cat scared me when I was already at bed and I just couldn't sleep well after that. :< I have been having these strange dreams lately though: in these dreams I have really cute and strange pet (bat-cat that is actually a moth and hairless flying cat that turns into a bird) that I accidentally kill or they just die. D: I sure would like to know what these dreams mean! 

3 Best book you have ever read?
Ha, that's impossible to answer, there's so many amazing books! :D I used to read all the time but since the school took the best of me I haven't had time (or haven't given permission to myself) to read anymore.

4 Which one you would rather speak of if you had to choose: politics or religion?
They are nearly equally bad topics for any good conversation. They just tend to turn people into morons, yeah I know they are important to those people and that's why any argument  against their believes triggers anger and insults on their part in no time. Anyway I just love a good debate so I wouldn't hesitate to have a conversation with either one of those topics. 

5 Have you seen the film called The house of flying daggers?
Yes I have. I love movies and my ex fiancé shared the passion, he was especially fond of wuxia films so I watched this one and many other this style of films with him. :)

6 You have read Harry Potters haven't you?
Jeps joo. :D

7 What do you think of this song: World music-Hedningarna?
I normally do like this type of music but at the first listening I didn't like it that much, didn't even finish the whole song, which was a mistake. It really does get a lot better at the mid part but then a again I find the ending very dull. But the only reason why this song doesn't please me is the repeated tinatinatinatinatinatina vieri... just why it was done like that? Otherwise it's a very nice song. :D

8 If you could learn to play perfectly one instrument, that would be?
Kantele. It's such a beautiful instrument and I've always wanted to learn how to play it.

9 How many steps do you need to take to get to the the door of the house? How many to fridge?
10 steps to the fridge and 14 plus one leap over pile of shoes to the door.

10 Do you remember what you ate yesterday?
Yes, we had a family dinner at a restaurant to celebrate fathersday, the sealing started leaking for some reason when we were there. Seems like the pipes broke, horrible incident for the restaurant, hope it's going to get fixed soon!

11 Do you like to be more in the front or behind the camera?
Front, simply because I'm not a good photographer at all. If I could choose I'd rather be styling the model for the sooth or have my clothes on the model! :)

Uups, this took such a long time! Have to be at school early tomorrow (like always) so I'm not going to  challenge anyone, for now. >:)

sunnuntai 19. elokuuta 2012

Lolita Convention Pariisissa!

Jahhas, ikuisuus on vierähtänyt joten voisi olla aika taas päivitellä blogia. Josko tässä uusien opintojen myötä saisi itseään niskasta kiinni ja päiviteltyä vähän useammin.... todennäköisesti ei, mutta ainahan sitä voi toivoa. 

Käväistiin heinäkuun alussa Pariisissa Lolita conventionissa Tiinan, Minjan ja Katin kanssa ja oli kyllä mukava reissu! :)

Kaikilla oli ihan mielettömän ihania asuja joten tähän alkuun kuvia immeisistä.

Ihana Iira aina niin kauniina! <3
Kaunis Kamihana Shi oli tulkkina GPK:lle.
Pudding ja hänen ihanat ihanat ihanat tatuointinsa! <3_<3

Ihku Fidel David osti CL:ltä pantsut jee jee! :D 

Tiina kauniiden Butterfly Paradisen neitojen kanssa
Minja nätistelee

Ja Hulkistelee, Momo ei huomaa mitään ja poseeraa vaan nättinä vieressä! :P

Mun maanantai asu.
Toni on lolien kuningas! :D
Fumiko!! <3 Ja kaunis Kati!
Tontturan tukkakuva

Gothique Prince Ken esiintyi conissa molempina päivinä, ostin häneltä photo setin Heidille tuliaiseksi. :)

Oli rajut pileet. :D

nättei tytyi <3

Päästiin niiden kanssa syömäänkin! ;)
Ei oo mun Sapporo, ite nautiskelin Umeshusta! Se on parasta!! <3

Kämpillä oli vaan yks kaappi joten kamat makas lattialla. :D

Minja teki mahtavaa pekoni pastaa ja maisteltiin vähän viinejä... 
 Semmonen reissu. :D Käytiin myös Babyn liikkeessä jonne meni liikaa rahaa (siellä oli myöh ihana myyjä, fanitetaan sitä!), lettukahvilassa jota mainostettiin babylla, Notre Damea ja Eiffel tornia vilkuilemassa (mutta niistä ootte varmaan nähny ihan tarpeeks kuvia). Paluulennolla oli mukavasti kaks vaihtoa Saksassa ja laukut jäi matkalle mutta mitäs pienistä, saatiin ne nopeasti onneks takas.. tuliais juustot oli vähän entisiä tosin ja laukku juuston makuinen. :D Oli mukavaa, toivottovasti rahastuisin pian taas sen verran et pääsis jonnekin.

Kiitti ihanasta reissusta tytsyt! <3