torstai 1. tammikuuta 2015

Back to blogging!

We meet again!
It has been a long time since I last updated this blog, I didn't even realize it has been over a year now!
I was never a frequent blogger and when I started to use tumblr I just automatically abandoned this one. However I don't like to make text posts on tumblr and time to time I have felt like I would like to write here again. So as the new year is at its beginning I decided to start to write here again. Lets see how it goes this time!

For start I'm going to tell you what I did at 2014!
I always feel like I'm such a lazy person but now that I look back at my year I have to admit I've done and changed my life a lot the past year! Few things I did: graduated from millinery school, ended a looong time relationship, moved, got in to a new relationship, traveled a lot, kept working to build my company and many many more things. 
Well my personal ramblings are hardly that interesting so lets move on to my lolita outfits and events I attended the past year.

First event of the year was Hellocon. I'm one of the organizers of the event and I was super busy during the stay so I didn't have time to stop to take pics or be photographed (and in any case I was a mess). So I have only pictures of my outfit from the tea party which was held the next day.

I got to work as a shop girl for Atelier Pierrot :3

Me and the head organizer of Hellocon
Atmosphere of the tea party

I was really happy to see how hard people had been working on the program for Hellocon and it was just marvelous! Hopefully this year I will be able to take it a bit more slowly and enjoy the day a bit more. Speaking of the next Hellocon, the ticket sales will start tomorrow! Here's the official website:

At the spring we did a class trip to Florence! There is a huge millinery warehouse near Florence and lots of leather shops! I spend so much stuff on supplies! :3
And the city it self! It was so breathtaking! I wish I can go back soon again.
We had a small lolita meet up with the lovely local lolitas, it was a great day and we had so much fun!
Unfortunately I don't have many pictures so here's only a pic of my make up.

Next event I attended was the Enchanted in London! It was such a lovely event and the location was just stunning! This time me and my friends were staying in London only for a short time so instead of participating the tea party we went sight seeing. 
The event is organized by Street Fashion Europe which is a group of fashion enthusiasts who want to help to bring together the different lolita communities and create events for street fashion enthusiasts to enjoy! I'm one of the Finnish team members and although I haven't been able to be such a big help I'm happy they have include me in the organization team. For the Enchanted I helped to organize the designers fashion show
The next event will be in Paris! It's only couple months away so hurry and get your tickets!

My outfit for Enchanted photo by Saoirse Clohessy

At the summer I only traveled in Finland and I was a bit busy with moving and organizing things after graduation. But here are few outfits from summer.
First is my outfit for a lolita meet up in Tampere! It was organized by my friend to introduce her Italian friend who was visiting Finland to the Finnish lolitas. I had already met her in Florence so was really happy to be able to meet her again! <3

It was a super warm day so I only wore a simple outfit. Thanks for the pictures Elina! <3 I also finally cut my hair! I've wanted to do it for many years but I never had the guts. But when I first shaved my sides I decided that when I'm going to grow the hair back I shall cut my hair shorter so it doesn't take so long to get the same lenght. A great excuse to finally get the haircut I have dreamed of! :D

I have somehow grown out of anime conventions and it has been some time since I've attended one but when my friend asked me to help out at the Anime con in Kuopio I was happy to join. It was nice to be at a convention after a long time and since many of my friends were there I really had great time! Thank you Ninni for the pics!

At the autumn me and my friend Suvi participated the Gothic & Lolita festival in Moscow!
On the day of the arrival Oxana and Dimitry were kind enough to come to meet us at the station and show us around Moscow. It's such a beautiful city!
Photos by Oxana and Dimitry. Check out their amazing videos here.

The Gothic & lolita festival was a great experience, especially fun was meeting all the lovely and super friendly people! We made so many new friends there! 
Once again I don't have pictures of my outfit on the main day but here are bunch from the wonderful tea party the next day!

Photo by Oxana
Photos by: JustMoolti

There's still my trip to Japan to write about but that shall be another post.

Have a wonderful new year everyone! <3

tiistai 2. huhtikuuta 2013

Jossain ohjelmassa olin

Once again it has been way too long time since my last post, I just pretend to be too busy to have time for blogging. :/ I made tumblr some time a go to try if I have more time for that, not really but here it is anyway
Now to the actual post, here's one of the reasons why I have been so occupied lately..
Finnish internet tv show Neo asked me and my friends Jenni and Laura to be their quests at the show!

Before they started shooting we had a lots of fun (but the actual interview part was horrible, we were so nervous!)

Laura and jenni both had super cute outfits! <3 hehee, I'm so proud of Lauras hair, she asked me to help with it and suprisingly I actually managed to do something with it! :D

The lottery studio was our dressing room! Had to take a pic of Emma winning some yens from lotto. :P

She is also a member of black metal band. ;D

My outfit: dress and bonnet are from Cloudberry Lady shoes are made by Emma (also for Cloudberry Lady) and blouse is vintage.

And here is the show as horrible it is. Yle Neo

torstai 24. tammikuuta 2013


Couple weeks a go my friend Heidi came to spend a weekend with me. We decided to go to one of my favourite fleamarkets here in Hämeenlinna. They have an awesome furniture section there (I wish I had the space for this kind of furniture) and we decided to have little photoshoot there since we both were dressed up.
I wore my new dress I bought from Crème de la Garderobe at Ofelia market and my new handmade bonnet!


Kiitos Emma ja Heidi kivasta viikonlopusta!
Photo credits to Emma! <3


sunnuntai 30. joulukuuta 2012

Time to catch up!

It has been for ever since I had time to make a proper post in here! So much has happened and there are tons of things to post. I was planning to post about each event separately but they just piled up and I think I would never be able to catch up if I do it like that... so instead here's a one giant photo post of nearly all of the (lolita related) events and happenings that I have taken part since last summer.

Animal ear themed meet-up in Tampere

Last summer Elina organized an animal ear themed meet-up and since I hadn't seen the girls from Tampere for a long time I decided to go. It was a pit rainy day but we sat under a huge tree and it was enough to protect us from the rain. :) Actually I went there with my youngest sister who was visiting me at the time so I couldn't stay there that long, however I was really happy to be able to meet everyone again! <3
I don't have a group pic and I'm not sure if the girls want to be featured here so I'm not sharing pics of everyone, just few I know who won't mind it.

Here are our sweet lolita cuties! Laura as a bunny, Veera with bear ears and  Elina in a kitty themed outfit.

Suddenly they realized a huge wolf lurking  behind them!  :3

I went out of my comfort zone and tried a punk loli outfit with bat wings as my animal ear headpiece.

I took a pair of old combat boots and spray painted them pink with couple cute bats at the side. ^^

Animecon 2012 and Cloudberry Teaparty II

This year animecon was held in Kuopio and my dear friend Yoshh was one of the organizers. Because of her request I modelled at the Enfant terribles lolita fashion show and were one of the panelists at the lolita panel to present the indie brands side. I only were at the convention at the day of the lolita program since on the other day I was super busy arranging the Clouderry teaparty II, it would have totally impossible to make it such a great event without the help of my amazing friends. Thank you all so much for always being there for me! <3

I decided to go with a super colourful matrioshka-themed outfit

Group pic!

All of us had a doll theme for our outfits. ^^

Me and Laura and the stalkerman.

Laura and Jousia modelled at the fashion show held at the Cloudberry Teaparty II. Don't they look summery!
Yoshh was also one of the models and she looks so gorgeous here! I just love gothic with super blond hair!
Kati modelled too and also won a nail polish at bingo!

Elina was one of the guests, her gothic style never fails to impress me!
Natsu and Mimi shopping.
And here's my outfit with Cloudberry Lady skirt. The event was at the car museum cafe! <3

And finally the group pic! <3

Laura's birthday party and Christmas fairs

Laura held a lolita birthday party with a gambling theme few weeks a go. She's born just few days before Christmas! 

Here's the group shot! Thanks to Yoshh for the pic!
I gift to Laura was this apron I made. She seemed to like it. :)
The next  day I went to the Ofelia Market, the alternative fashion fair I made a post earlier. The theme was the day of the dead, so I went with a really colourful outfit. :3

Me and Heidi chatting behind the selling stand I shared with  Gréme de la garderobe.
Photogredits to the MadTeaparty.<3

Next weekend there was a Christmas fair at Tampere at the Särkänniemi amusement park. I kind of forgot to take photos there but here's my friends selling stand and my outfit on the first day, completely forgot to take pic of the second one. :<

Do you like my new hairstyle?
Hope you had a very merry Christmas and wish you all an eventful New Year! <3