torstai 1. maaliskuuta 2012

School stuff

Just wanted to show you what I've been working on lately.
So I'm studying fashion design and my minor is textile design, for this year I've been attending a textile course where we should design a fabric collection. Everyone else on the course are from the textile department so I'm doing the assignment in slightly different way than they are (I'm making the designs for garments, their collections are for interiors, most chose to make kitchen fabrics.)
The theme for the collection is Rinnakkain (side by side?) so I though to make lolita-collection but use mori and dolly-kei as an inspiration..

Here's couple print designs I've made so far (I draped the patterns on some lolita brands items, the clothes are not my designs!)

Sleeping beauty is the theme of my collection. Here I used Innocent World outfit to present my embroidery design on the bag.
The skirt is from Alice and the pirates, only the print is my design. :)
I already started working on the embroidery but it's really difficult one to make!

Does the dolly-kei and mori-girl inspiration come trough at all? I'm planning to make everything in two colorways, one in Mori and other in Dolly-kei, the colors you see on the skirt are from the palette I was planning for dolly-kei and brown, white and other earthy colors for mori-girls.

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